Open positions

Lab culture:

The lab is committed to promoting a "work-life balance" for all lab members, and strives to create an inclusive, supportive, and mutually respectful environment.

One postdoc position is available. The ideal candidate should have strong background in biomolecular simulations and statistical physics (or polymer physics).

We're looking for PhD students who are interested in computational and theoretical studies of biomolecular systems. The ideal candidate is expected to have one or more of the following backgrounds: statistical physics, polymer physics, physical chemistry, molecular biology, mathematical modeling, and computer science. Scientific computation experience or programming skills are a plus. 

No available RA positions now. 

Please email your CV, transcripts, and a brief description of your research interests to Xiangze if you're interested in the Postdoc or Graduate Students positions. 

Undergraduate students with strong interests of studying biological systems using computer simulations and theoretical approaches are welcomed to join our lab. Please contact Xiangze if you're interested in this position.